Hi Erlend Bakke here founder of mroutsource.com

Standing here with another founder which is John Harvard, the background here He is actually the person funded and many ways started Harvard University as it is today. See it is basically donated his money and his books to college and it was rename Harvard University in 1636.
My question for you here today while crossing off another thing on my bucket list which is visiting Harvard University is How long your legacy to Last? John Harvard has a university after him and it’s been around now for hundreds of years . What is your perspective in your business? Are you just in it for Five years? Or just build it and sell it or you want something of legacy.

Founder of Evernote is actually said He want his company to be a hundred year company because he wants his company to last for more than a hundred years that’s a long term perspective, what is your perspective of your company?

Erlend Bakke here just gonna go and touch the foot of John Harvard which means good luck there might be a little bit of que back here so bare with me but anyway if you touch the foot that’s why it is gold as well if you touch the foot it brings good luck. There is actually 3 lies about this statue I’m not gonna tell you because I think you should come here and see it for yourself and that something you wanna do . Alright let’s go touch the foot , that’s not gonna happen as well because there’s a lot of people taking pictures I’m gonna off this video, okay