I don´t know how many times I have heard or read about people that have “made it” say it´s not about the money and how it can´t be about the money if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur. That must be increadibly easy to say once you have money, but when you are scrambling to pay your bills and buy simple things like food those comments become increadibly naive and annoying. Felix Dennis on the other hand quite plainly says that if you don´t have a very good understanding of how to make money in a business you either need to get really good quickly or find something else to do. I agree with Dennis on this one. In other words money is a bit like air, you know its there but you don´t think to much about it if you have it. On the other hand if you don´t have air, like in a vaccum you will notice it very quickly and its hard to breath without air.

It´s must be about the dream and not about having the money. If you don´t love what you do you will not make as much money as if you do. Its really that simple 🙂