Nicholas James, though born with no legs and arms is still very thankful for his life. He talked confidently in front of students and inspires them. He showed that even with his condition he can still be happy, live normally, and do just like what normal people are doing. Below is an inspiring part of his talk:

The key principle in life is to be thankful. It is a lie to think that we are not good enough and not worth anything. Sometimes… well… if not most of the time, it is very hard to smile or laugh or express true and genuine happiness, especially when something happens so distressing in life. And, most of the time we do not know when problems will leave and pass. The secret to go on is patience. Although it is the hardest thing, especially when we are in deep trouble, but in order to move on we have to be patient amidst the scariest and darkest days of our life. Otherwise, we end up losing ourselves.

Whatever happens and whatever are our troubles and sacrifices, we should remember that we are beautiful and gorgeous just the way we are. Thus, we must dream big, be thankful, and never give up!