Perfection is an impossible ideal but when you set your objectives right and start to work on them, you will reach closer to perfection – naturally. One example was when Nadia Comaneci scored a perfect 10 during a Gymnastics competition. This just proves that after all, when you practice and work hard enough, you will be able to achieve perfection!

The world as humans knew it before was flat and ends in Africa. Columbus discovered that it was not.

All computers will be ugly grey boxes. We now have the most colorful array of computers with different sizes and designs. As Apple’s slogan says it, THINK DIFFERENT!

An individual can never make a difference. Mahatma Gandhi went out of his way and proved that he can inspire change without bloodshed in India and the rest of the world.

These are just some of the true stories that sounds surreal but really happened. Inspiring stories that has motivated a lot of individuals to make their mark too. And so you can you.