What should or can you do when your days are counted? What would you think when you know you’ll never make it and what to do or fulfill your dreams in the next 24 hours of your life? Indeed, one of the most challenging parts of life is when you know you are leaving it.

We are afraid to die, not because we lose something, but that we do not know what’s beyond it. The fear of the unknown haunts our mind every day, especially when we know our time is up. However, Steve Jobs tells a different story. In this statement, he showed us not to be afraid of anything by making the big choices in life.

Thinking that our life will end soon can be a great tool for us to decide and avoid being caved-in because of the fear of losing something. Our thoughts and feelings do not or should not control over us. We are the boss of ourselves and we should act the way we should be.

“Acceptance” is the way of the strong; the way of those who wants to win over fear.