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Erlend Bakke here founder of
Today it is again another one of this New York things to do which is ice skating on the Rockefeller Ice Rink. It is just amazing here cause there’s so many people that come here during Christmas to look at the beautiful tree that you just saw behind me here just the Rockefeller just behind it I believe no! that was wrong. Rockefeller is just right there it is really, really difficult to get a ticket here so I recommend coming for the 10:30 slots as that would be easier because most kids go home then basically. You can also go for cocktail and the sea grill bar. Behind here is the beautiful Neptune up here is the famous Christmas tree that I saw lightened earlier this week.

I guess what’s important here is the Pareto Rule basically you need to try to figure out when the ideal time to come here is and that is 10:30 at night during the week or early in the morning. It doesn’t what the time says to figure that out but the fact to the matter is that most people just go at anytime and spend about 2 to 3 hours in line but we didn’t spend any time in line because we came here on a Tuesday again it’s my birthday today so I do a couple of special things today. So think about of what’s make you leverage when you try to do something spending time actually thinking about something before doing it is a good idea but not too long but 10 minutes of quiet time everyday just  try to figure things out to decide what you really wanna do .

I am kinda give you the upside down Panorama here.  Okay! But this enough,  I’m gonna sign out Erlend Bakke here founder of signing out from the Rockefeller Ice Skating Rink New York City Bye-bye!