Hi Erlend Bakke here founder of mroutsource.com

Today! I’m crossing off another thing of my bucket list here in New York City which is skating the famous Tramp Ice Ring it used to be called the Wellman Ring now it’s called the Tramp Ice Ring. It’s been lot of movies and I believe it was on the home alone ever since I was a child I want to skate here now I am skating here with the bunch of other people. The scenery is amazing I just wanna say something about the element water.

If you ever done some personality profile test. Basically there’s a five elements earth, wind, air, fire, water. All personality test is base on those five elements. Obviously I am skating on ice, so water is quite an interesting element because you can be both soft or It can be very hard like ice or It can be very light in the form of smoke…. So these elements are very interesting they are actually a reflection of personality types and I’m a typical “firey” person who become an entrepreneur so I want a go go I want lots of things to happen but the water element is something I need more of in my life. So to Stabilize myself so recently I have been meditating on being more on water element because theres a lot of growth in my businesses. I just wanna be able to cope with that so part of that is to let it go and flowing with water . Bruce Lee also talks about how water element is a very powerful element so that was my little blurb about the elements.Signing out here! from the Tramp Ice Ring in New York City.

Erlend Bakke founder of mroutsource, Crossing off another thing from my bucket list Byebye!