“Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” – Abraham Lincoln.

MakeUpYourMindAll of us dream of living an abundant life but to many, it remains just that— a dream. But did you know that an abundant life is not really that elusive?  It is simply a matter of knowing the right techniques to turn it into reality in our lives. In this article, we will discuss of the techniques we can use.

First, we define what we mean by abundant life. Abundance may mean different things to different people.  You will be surprised that for many, money is not all that counts. Abundance may mean overflowing of blessings, or of love, or of attainment of success in endeavours. Regardless of our individual idea of abundance, the following tips can lead us to what we hope for in life:

Follow our passion: When we are doing what we really love doing, we find every moment enjoyable. Happiness fills our minds and hearts. This feeling shows in our every movement, in the sound of our voice, and on the smile on our face. What is awesome about this feeling is that in can be contagious.  It spreads fast among the people we meet along throughout the day. What is important is that it alters our mindset to be positive in our outlook.  That alone is an achievement towards a life of abundance.

Believe firmly that we have more than enough, and we have if only we would open our eyes and your senses. What we believe in and fills our mind becomes a reality for us — that is the core principle behind the Law of Attraction. Our physical surroundings will shift to match our expectations.

BlessingsBe discerning and appreciative of the blessings we already have, which we often ignore.  There are those who complain of their prayers that are seemed unanswered but forget those hundreds of blessings they receive without even asking for. The air we breathe, the warmth of the sun, the water than refreshes us, the love of our family and friends, etc, all these are blessings we should acknowledge and appreciate.

Do something. Sitting around waiting for miracle to happen is the most frustrating and disappointing action, or lack of it, we can do.  “Seek and you shall find” is not an empty advice. Good fortune may just be around the corner but we will never find it by just standing still. A small step may trigger a flood of opportunities that may push us to a more positive direction towards our dream of abundance.

Be constantly in love. Love yourselves, love our family and friends, love our work, etc. Love is the most powerful tool we can use to achieve happiness. Falling in love, like happiness, is a choice we make each day. We may not want a circumstance or a person we meet but we have the power to choose on how we react to them. Do not stress ourselves unnecessarily over things we cannot change.  Rather, work on what we have power over — ourselves.

BelieveBelieve in yourself. Believe, for it is true, that we all have equal share of blessings, we just often times ignore them.  Instead, we wallow in self pity and waste our time whining.  Let not our imperfections diminish our self-worth. Often times, out of feeling inferiority or false sense of humility,   we feel awkward receiving compliments or gifts.  We decline or push them away. We should learn to accept and appreciate these compliments and gifts graciously.  This will reaffirm our self-worth and prepares us to receive more blessings from the universe.

Give blessings space.  Unclutter our lives with accumulated bad feelings and vibrations we picked up along the way. Empty ourselves of anger and negative feelings.  Nature abhors vacuum and the space vacated by these unpleasant things in our lives can be filled immediately by blessings. Clean up our physical, spiritual, emotional, and financial issues so they can change from stagnant to vibrant affairs.

Work on your mindset. Get rid of your negative expectations and beliefs.  Avoid generalizations such as rich people always take advantage of the poor, or rich people become so because they are corrupt, or nothing comes easy in life and that success comes only at a high price. Limiting thoughts like these make us abandon our journey to abundance even before we start.

Always be on the alert.  Many times, we miss great opportunities because our eyes and minds are not focus to success. Develop the habit of looking for chances to move on and up in every circumstance we are in, even in seemingly bleak situations.  Do not dismiss the proverbial silver lining behind every dark cloud that looms in the horizons. Not a few successful people thrive in times of hardships and desolation. The more we can train our mind to look for the blessings and remain open to possibilities, the more we attract blessings and possibilities into our lives.

Taking heed of these tips can make the abundant life we dream of within our grasp.