Is there something as a “the perfect blog”? First of all, know what a blog is before you can create an ideal one. It is not possible to make out of anything of something you do not know much anything about.

A blog (a contraction of the words web and log) is a log or journal entry that is posted on the World Wide Web. However, what makes it different from a journal or an article is the number of words used in it, the type of people who read it, and the tone used in writing it.

A journal is a short personal note which is seldom a page in length of about 350 words or less. It is usually written to record an event of a day similar to a diary.

An article is a message whose primary purpose is to inform or transfer knowledge to an open audience like magazine readers. It is usually professionally written and consists of 400 to 700 printed words.

A blog on the other hand, is a message casually written to all kinds of readers about anything under the sun — from cooking dinner, to putting up a business, to going to a safari, etc. This message is posted to a website and may consist of an unlimited number of words (although a 400- word article is considered an ideal so as not to bore the readers). If it should exceed this length, a continuation is posted in another blog on some other day.

A blog is a powerful marketing tool used in advertisements, promotional campaigns, and marketing strategies. You can inject life to an otherwise dull website to encourage visitors to visit and increase traffic to it. A well-written blog will attract search engines and make it Search Engine Optimized.

How then can you create a well-written or a “perfect blog”? When it comes to writing, every author has his own unique style he follows. But if the main purpose for writing a blog is to promote a business, there are some guidelines to keep.



A blog is the first step in building your online presence which will help in the success of your business. It should be able to drive traffic to your website. Therefore, aim to offer quality content by writing easy- to-read and interesting articles.

Start with a powerful and attractive title. This is an important step because the title will be to be seen first by the readers and read more than any of the other parts of your article. This headline should encourage your readers to read the actual article you wrote.

Next, the first 3 or 4 sentences must be attractive enough to entice them to read further. These sentences are similar to the headline but a bit longer.

Then, you work on a good sub-heading. This is to persuade the readers to continue reading. You will notice that by coming up with a powerful title, a good opening, and an attractive sub-heading, you are like guiding slowly your visitors by the hand to enter your website proper.

Now, it is time for you to create your main article. First, remember that you easily get your readers’ attention by initiating or arousing some emotion in them. Then, follow this with some good advice like helping them how they can do something easily, or explaining things they cannot understand. Small gestures like these will go a long way for you to be remembered by your readers and keep them for a long time.



However, it is not enough that you do the aforementioned steps. You must also come up with unique and interesting features on your blog. One technique to spice up a rather uninteresting topic is to ask questions.

By asking questions, you make clear to your readers the goal of your project and direct them to it. You offer them the opportunity to benefit from learning something new and a chance to grow. This gives a meaning to your article to the readers.

Another reason for asking questions is to meet the need of some readers who may have similar questions and are seeking for answers. Again, this will arouse more interest to your blog.

Asking questions will make you write more meaningful and valuable blogs. You then create authentic and significant content and will give your readers more confidence in you and your business — a perfect blog, indeed!