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Some people believe that because the 4-Hour Work Week book of Tim Ferriss is so popular, selling more than a million copies, translated to over 35 languages, was in New York Best Selling Book list for 4 years, success must have come effortlessly. Would you believe that Tim’s book was rejected 26 times? If you want to learn about how to write and market a bestselling Book, please do watch this video.



Here are some of the questions during the interview by Jack Canfield, (Chicken Soup for the Soul) and Steve Harrison (Radio-TV Interview Report (RTIR))

  1. How do I make writing (which I find hard) easier?
  2. How do I minimize writer’s block and overcome it when it creeps in?
  3. How have I improved my own writing?
  4. How do I handle or even plan controversial content?
  5. Is all PR good PR? (Short answer: No)
  6. What have I learned from Jack?
  7. How do you introduce your content to so-called “influencers” (a term I still dislike)?
  8. How do you craft the pitch and make the approach?
  9. What advice would I give to someone who wants to write their first book?
  10. How does one become more action-oriented during the process, and throughout life?
  11. How does the philosophy of Seneca apply to writing and selling a book?