If you are a leading a normal life, you must be getting a fair share of failures like most of us. These setbacks may be inevitable but they should not deter you from attaining your goals and dreams. If viewed in the right perspective, they may even propel you towards your success. First of all, failures can make you a better persons because they keep you humble with your feet firmly planted on the ground. They make you stronger and more resilient in meeting life’s vicissitudes. Failures, once you are able to overcome them successfully, provide you with a sense of pride, boosts your self-worth, and the accomplishment of your goals somehow tastes sweeter. But how do you succeed in overcoming them? Here some guides on how to triumph over failures:


Have a mature outlook in life. It is said that maturity only comes when we stop blaming others and making excuses and start making changes in our life. Take responsibility for your failures and the mistakes that cause them. You cannot correct something which you do not consider wrong. Admit and own up your failures, then you can start doing something to amend them. Study what caused you to commit the mistake, learn from it, and try to avoid it the next time it happens. By doing this, you empower yourself and gives you the strength to move forward.


Choose your company carefully. Be with right company of people whom you can look up to for inspiration. Position yourself with similarly-minded people who will influence you by their examples and proper motivations in life. When you intermingle with those who are too fun-loving, irresponsible, and weak-willed, you will soon be leading a life not far different from theirs’. As is commonly said: “birds of a feather flock together”.


Do it here and now! Procrastination and ambivalent attitude are great deterrents to the achievement of success. They can erode your motivation and determination to conquer your failures. Do not be tempted to wait for the “perfect moment” to act — it will never come! Waiting for the right time is a lame excuse to mask your fear of failure or to justify laziness. In taking action, it is prudent to exercise caution but do not let excessive fear paralyze you from doing what you think is right. Remember, there is no mistake that is so damaging that it cannot be corrected later. It is far better to have tried and failed, than not having tried at all. Do not be forever haunted by the thought of “what if you succeeded had you done it?”


Always try to take the noble road. Avoid being pressured into doing what others expect of you even if it means sacrificing your own happiness and principles in life. However, do your best to conduct your life in a righteous manner in your personal as well as professional lives. Cling with the proper business ethics such as treating others fairly, competing in a healthy and above-board manner, building meaningful relationships, being honest with yourself and others, and using your success to pay it forward by helping others along the way. Regardless how much setbacks you may experience in your personal life and in your business, you can feel self-pride that you have done so in your best potential and in an appropriate way.


Share your blessings. Whatever you learned or gained from your failures, share them with those who are struggling with similar setbacks. Volunteer to help others to avoid the same mistakes. You can do this by hosting seminars or workshops for new entrepreneurs in your community and share your learning experiences with them. A great way to shift your focus from your own problems and be frustrated by them is to think of helping others with their problems. Teaching others is the best way to teach yourself.


A shift in mindset is necessary to overcome failures. Oftentimes, these are only more in the mind — what the mind thinks becomes the reality. When setbacks come, do not panic. Sit back and analyze them, move on, and forge ahead using the wisdom you have gained through your past experiences.