1It has been a common belief that the brain is the physiological centre of the body that is supposed to dictate all your actions and thought, not unlike the CPU of your computer. However, did you know you could really manipulate your brain so that you are the one who dictate on it and not the other way around?

Among the things you could make it do is to boost your motivation. Some knowledge on how your brain actually functions, its circuitry and chemistry, would enable you to do this. You could trigger your brain to release neuro-chemicals and neuro-transmitters such as serotonin that regulates mood, sleep and other areas and acetylcholone tat assists motor functions and memory.

Remember that motivation involves psychological as well as biochemical processes so these brain chemicals work on your energy and motivation as well, particularly dopamine. Studies show that this hormone is most associated with motivation and rewards in your brain. The trick, therefore, is to trigger the release of dopamine by the following means:

  1. Since it has been proven that the strong feeling of positive self-belief switches on the release of dopamine in the brain, try to internalize the feeling of adventurism in you with the expectation of attaining your goal. A very effective way of cultivating this mindset is to associate with people of similar belief. Exhort and encourage one another. The mere expectation and faith of others that you are doing well triggers the release of dopamine in your brain.

  1. Recalling successfully accomplished tasks can also have similar effect on this neuro-chemical since it puts your brain on a positive mood. This is most effective during bouts of temporary setbacks when your motivation level is at its lowest. Mentally describing and re-living past experiences of success is a strong booster to stimulate production of dopamine.
  1. 1The release of dopamine does not require big achievements in order to trigger it. The brain can sense even minor accomplishments, enough to naturally start producing the hormone. At times when you are feeling down, force yourself to pick small and easy tasks just to keep you moving. This gets you out of the rut and starts a motion, regardless how insignificant, that eventually will gain momentum. The brain senses frequent positive feedback and even minor achievements and starts to produce. The tiny amount dopamine initially released will give you enough push to do more.
  1. Innovate. Find new and more exciting ways of doing things. Often, routine takes away the excitement in doing things, hence your loss of interest on the task. This leads to the erosion of your motivation. Psychology teaches that the more you enjoy doing the process, the more you are likely to complete it.
  1. Enhance the action of dopamine in your brain by levelling up your awareness of your self-worth. Do not just think of your achievements to boost your self-confidence but let others acknowledge them, too. Some may call this “ego-tripping” but by hearing others validate your ability is a sure way to fire up the effect of dopamine in your brain.
  1. Action is a way to pr1event your brain from hibernation. Notice that during cold months, you feel sluggish. This is nature’s way of conserving your energy, physical as well as mental. This has a direct affect on your mood, your motivation included. To counteract this natural phenomenon and revive your flagging motivation due climate change, try to get active and move about. This will snap your brain out of its energy-conservation mode or hibernation. You will soon notice your enthusiasm and motivation surging back.
  1. Although dopamine plays the bigger role in boosting your mental energy and the stimulation of your motivation, others neurotransmitters also help in these brain functions. These chemicals are called catecholamines known as the adrenaline and nonadrenaline. They are products of amino acid called L-Tyrosine which are found in the food you eat such as seaweeds, cottage cheese, egg whites, and meats of poultry animals. Therefore, you could level up your motivation by eating these nutrients.

In order, therefore, to boost your motivation, these are some easy and effective means to accomplish this. Apply both chemical and physiological means to trick your brain. Do this especially when you are faced with overwhelming situations whereby a bigger dose of motivation is needed.