Hi Erlend Bakke here, founder of mroutsource.com. Today, I want to teach you some really cool productivity techniques and also a couple of ways you can outsource your work and I just came back from a 3 day-seminar where I picked up lots of business cards, lots of bills and lots of notes! So, I’m not sure about you but you collect all these great stuff and then you never do anything with it but that’s why you outsource, right?


So, business cards. What I will do is I will just feed them all in..like that. What I’m using here is a scan snap, just google that and
you will find it. I basically will divide my business cards into two piles. It will be 1 pile with people that I want my assistant to set up a meeting with. She has access to my calendar so she finds a time for me. She emails the person that I want to talk to and then she sets up a meeting for me. So, I basically feed in all the cards with that first and then put that in a folder in Evernote and then I’ll feed the rest of the cards in afterwards. She also adds everybody on LinkedIn as well as to my mailing list, not my spamming mailing list. I don’t actually have one of those but the mailing list that I send out for Christmas and summer and basically all my LinkedIn contacts. And that’s pretty much how I do the business cards sort of things.



So, with bills. These, I just took out of my bag and these are old bills from the trip. Now, what I do is if it’s a personal expense, I will put a big “P” on the receipt. If it is a credit card receipt, I’ll write a “CC” and my folders in Evernote are called the same thing. So, what I will do with these after wards is I’m going to put them in two piles, “P” and “CC” and then I will scan them so basically this is a personal expense that I paid for, for the company. I will scan it. Once it’s done, I actually just rip the top of it so that I’ll know it’s been scanned. It’s just a way for me to know. I try to make things simple for my self so I don’t make too many mistakes.



Okay, and then we have the notes. I use something called. “live scribe”. So, I basically filled up the whole notebook from the seminar and with this pen, which is a smart pen, when I write in it, it’s actually transferred into the pen and when I connect the pen, everything is uploaded straight to Evernote. Now, what I used to do before is that I would rip out all the pages, I would scan them with the scan snap and then my VA would actually make a really nice document of all my notes and all the drawings I would have made. It would have been really nice drawings, presentable drawings, not that my drawings are not presentable but yes,
they actually aren’t.


So, those are three really powerful techniques that you can apply straight away. They’ll shave hours off your work week and you know, give you more time to add more value in your business instead of sitting and doing these kind of tasks.

So, Erlend Bakke here, founder of mroutsource.com. We’re all about liberating entrepreneurs and deleting your work week. Thank you and bye bye,