shutterstock_100931728Many hope to achieve a life-long dream of freedom and independence from the daily cares and doldrums of everyday living. They are restless to leave their life of 8 to 5 existence as employees so they jump and join the bandwagon of entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, many of them find themselves disillusioned of the independence and freedom they dream of in only few short years —or even just in matter of months! Either the businesses they choose do not progress as fast as they hope it will or they lose their investment fast that they have to eventually close down. Why?

Many, especially those who do not prepare themselves well enough, do not make initial feasibility studies, or do not enough logistics to run the business, seldom last a few months and have to get back to a life of 8 to 5 which they so hate. Fortunately, this sad scenario can now be minimized or completely avoided by availing of the services of outsourcing company like the MR. OUTSOURCE of Erlend Bakke.



Outsourcing is cost effective because it saves businessmen the time and expense of hiring workers. An outsource company also assures them that they are getting the right people for the right job. The outsource company assumes the responsibility of hiring the ideal employees through their strict and astringent hiring process which most businessmen or entrepreneurs do not have the time nor the ability to do themselves. These often results to haphazard hiring of unqualified workers. Replacing these unproductive personnel is expensive and loss of valuable business time—problems which an outsourcing company can effectively help businessmen at much lesser cost!






An outsource company like MR. OUTSOURCE allows businessmen and entrepreneurs to have more time to focus more in the actual running or expansion of their business and be liberated from being bogged down by routine office works. Besides handling the tedious but necessary tasks of hiring the right people, an outsourcing company provide other services like customer services assistants and other virtual employees who are well-trained to perform clerical and secretarial. With the services of an outsource company like MR. OUTSOURCE, businessmen can enjoy the freedom and peace of mind of running their business efficiently while being physically away from it—that’s real success in business!