Habits are acquired behaviors that are routinely repeated and tend to happen subconsciously. They are slowly developed as result of regular occurrences.

They may be good and result to involuntary actions that are pleasant and positive. However, they can also bad that hinder your work and affect your productivity adversely.

It is these bad habits that you have to get rid of if you want to succeed in life. Eliminating them may not be easy especially if they are already deeply ingrained in you. They are similar to weeds that have been left to grow in your garden. They have to be weeded out continuously to make sure they do not sprout out again.

This may seem to be a daunting task. It may require continuous and diligent watch but it is not impossible to do. Here are some tips how to uproot your bad habits and replace them with good ones:

Make an honest self-assessment. Examine closely your actions that continually hinder you from improving yourself or hamper the attainment of your goals. These are your bad habits. Admit to them because you cannot correct what you do not consider wrong.


Be determined to act NOW to rid yourself of your bad habits. Nothing will happen if you delay and procrastinate from taking the first step. By the way, procrastination itself is a bad habit.


Use your imagination. Envision yourself actually doing the good habit that replaces the bad one. For example, think of yourself jumping out of bed at 6:00am when you used to warm your bed until 9:00am. Visualization is a powerful tool to change your mindset


Write down a plan of action. Come out with steps on how to go about eliminating your bad habits. If possible, monitor your progress many times a day especially if they are deeply ingrained in your day-to-day activities. It is wise to tackle one habit at a time. It will be easier for you to work on them singly than trying to fight them collectively. There is the greater possibility of failing if you face all together. Your frustration may make you abandon your goal prematurely


Constantly repeat the good habits. This is the best way build them within you the same way you acquired your bad habits—by repetition. Practice makes perfect and a day-to-day routine will help you get used to the good habit fast.


Do not over estimate your capability. Bad habits, especially those deeply ingrained in you, are not easy to eliminate. Do not hesitate to seek help from your family, friends, or qualified professionals. Ask them to remind you every time they notice you are slipping back to your old bad habits. They can help in keeping you back in tract immediately. With their assistance, you have better chances of overcoming your old ways.


Acknowledge and appreciate your effort with rewards. You treat yourself with your favourite snack (or something you have been craving for) every time to get rid of one bad habit. This will make you look forward eagerly to more successes.


Record your daily progress. Keep a diary of comparisons between your bad habits and the good habits you replaced them with. On one side, write the bad habits and their negative effects on you. On the opposite side, list down the good habits and the good impacts they have on your life.


Share with others. Let others know your struggle to get rid of your bad habits. Make your experience inspire them to work on the bad habits they, too, want to eliminate from their lives. Show them that nothing is impossible if they put their hearts into achieving their goals.

When you successfully rid yourself of bad habits and replace them with good ones, you create lots of opportunities for yourself to shine and improve.