1Every now and then, it is a very good practice to review what motivates you to action. This is especially true when you seem to have hit a plateau in your career and your enthusiasm starts to wane. A short look back to what inspired you at the start of your journey will help revive your enthusiasm to move on. Here are some reminders of the possibilities worth considering:

  • You were meeting a challenge: Perhaps you found your life before was beginning to bore you and so decided to spice it up. Now that you feel you are losing your enthusiasm, it is a wise to rekindle that original fire in you. Re-living what initially set you to motion can renew your motivation and drive you to continue in your journey.
  • You wanted to improve yourself: The imperfection you saw in you before could have made you decide to improve yourself. You could have started to do some exercises, follow certain diets, enrol in a vocational course, or start to attend seminars on empowerment. Assess now if you have attained what you hoped to achieve. If you are satisfied with the result, you can always look for something else you could enhance in you. Your previous success must have boosted your confidence so bank on the momentum you gained. Strike while the iron is hot and start another self-improvement program as soon as possible.

  • 1You wanted to inspire others: A noble reason to reach out and affect others’ lives could have inspired you to undertake a worthy cause. However, you do not seem to find as much satisfaction lately as you did when you started. It would not harm if you would re-unite with those who benefited by your good deeds— not for the praises they might heap on you but to find out the impact of your actions on their lives. Sometimes, being too engrossed with your charitable works does not allow you to savour the fruits of your actions. Be aware of the good outcome of your labour. This can re-fuel the motivation you had at the beginning of your worthy undertaking.
  • You wanted to be happy: You may still want to be happy and yet your motivation has somewhat diminished because you find that happiness seems to be still as elusive. Perhaps, it is time to renew your enthusiasm and persevere further to attain your goal. Maybe it is time to assess your motivation and plan of action to achieve your happiness. You might have been looking for it in the wrong places or expecting it to come from the wrong people or for the wrong reason. Retracing your steps to where you started will give you a fresh and a more purpose-driven momentum.
  • 1You wanted to be free: You might have longed so much to free yourself so you ventured out to start your own business. You have always wanted to call the shots but you realize now that you still depend on others in every step of the way. Look back and rekindle your enthusiasm for independence when you started. This would drive you to strive harder to gain the liberty you have always dreamed of.
  • You dreamed of financial freedom: Months, or even years of struggle with nothing to show for it could have left you frustrated and disappointed. However, reviewing and reviving your initial motivation and enthusiasm could considerably boost your morale. Reassess your plan of action to gain wealth. Maybe you have to change strategy or adjust your benchmark for financial success to make it more achievable and prevent you from being overwhelmed prematurely.

These reminders can help you retrace your steps in your journey. This time, you can do it with renewed vigour and a better chance to attain what you have always hoped to achieve.