The Philippine Government has just announced that for the year 2013, the Middle East countries alone have opened their doors for 200,000 Pilipino workers, both skilled and non-skilled. In addition, other countries like Singapore, Taiwan, Canada, and the United States have, likewise, increased their job opportunities for Filipinos this year.

What could be the reason behind this high demand for workers from the Philippines at this time of global economic recession? At times like this, most companies and businessmen realize that now, more than ever, they have to maximize their investments—they must get their money’s worth in terms of manpower productivity. This is where the Pilipino workers come in.

Historically, the world knows how industrious and dedicated workers from the Philippines are. No wonder they can be found in almost every the corner of the world, filling up and dominating job positions everywhere—from managerial, technical, administrative, to menial household helpers. In most cases, companies prefer them over other nationals because besides being hard-working, most Pilipino are well-educated. Their fluency in English, the language of global commerce, makes it easy to communicate and work with them.

Another outstanding quality of Pilipinos is their giving equal, if not higher, priority to humane and dignified relations with their employers over monetary compensation. If treated well, Filipinos can be very loyal and usually remain with their employers for years. This characteristic of Filipinos save employers the expensive and time-consuming process of searching, hiring, and training new workers every so often.

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