1Running their own business and calling the shots are dreams come true to new entrepreneurs. Many are lured into freelancing because of the promise of time freedom it provides, or so they think. What they fail to realize is the price they have to pay to enjoy this privilege. Time, which is their very reason to start on their own, may become their biggest reason that will stop them from doing so.

If you are planning to start your own business, here are some issues you have to consider, especially regarding the “unlimited time” you dream of.

First of all, disregard the notion that freelancers have all the time in the world to do as they please with it. Time can only you succeed in business and prevent you from being frustrated by it if you treat it logically and with respect. Here’s how:

  • Be responsible with your time. Set a definite schedule when to do things, not only “when the spirit moves you”, which can be anytime you wish. Having a timetable in place allows you allocate your time in order to maximize every minute you set for a particular task. Respect time by working on a task because you have to, not because you want to.
  • 1Avoid working vacations. In reality, there are no such things. Either you are working, regardless of where you are—or you are not, period. You cannot concentrate effectively on more than one thing simultaneously or you end up sacrificing one over the other. Benefit fully from the time you allot for a particular activity, that is, have fun with it when you are on a vacation or enjoying break time, or use it fully to accomplish a task.  To avoid mixing up your fun from your work times is not easy, especially when you enjoy your work so much. One effective way to accomplish this is to have a separate workplace where you can lock in yourself to work undisturbed. Leave in when you are ready to enjoy your time. There are those who can mix their time but for the sake of better efficiency, it is wiser not to.
  • Consider time when setting your priorities. Define your activities for each particular goal in your life. For instance, if one of your goals is to improve relationship with your family, plan what activities you want to spend with them, how often, and for how long each day or each week. The same is true if you put importance to your social life. Allocate specific time and days to attend to your friends and other social commitments. Make sure you do not mix your hours for your family, your socializing, and your business. You should not allow any particular activity disrupt another. This way, you maintain a 1healthy balance between your personal and your professional life. Otherwise, you end up messing them all up. This may not be easy to do. It will all depend on your priorities and how you manage your time to meet them.

The time freedom you are looking for in running your own business, though not easy, is achievable. As long as you do not lose sight of your limits and responsibilities and are fully accountable to them, time can be your great ally in succeeding. You must realize that as an owner of your business, you play the dual role of boss and employee but proper time management will help you play these roles in perfect harmony.