YouTube is a video-sharing website which is a great way to advertise your product or service on the internet for free. With Adobe Flash and HTML5 technologies, users can upload, view, and share videos, movie clips, or even music videos in this site.


If you want to use YouTube effectively as a marketing tool, the first thing you must do is to make sure you create your video right.  Visiting this link will help you create a professional-looking video.

Making Money with YouTube:

If done the right way, YouTube can be the best source of free traffic that results into both leads and money. This can be efficiently done for free by making use of the following 13 SEO ranking factors, namely:

  1. Use KEYWORDS in the TITLE and these are very important for discoverability in the YouTube.  Make sure the keywords you use are chosen wisely.
  2. Use KEYWORDS in the DESCRIPTION.  See to it that each of the 5,000 characters you can use in the description are used to the maximum to grab free traffic.
  3. Use relevant KEYWORDS in the TAGS.  These keywords should be changed and updated regularly as your market or niche changes.
  4. Build powerful keyword phrases as INCOMING LINKS for every video uploaded. This is a sure way to get high ranking both in You Tube and Google. Hence, more time should be devoted to keyword research and looking for high quality incoming links for your videos.
  5. Make use of the LIKES and DISLIKES feature of YouTube.  Try your best to make your viewers “like” your videos.
  6. Community participation is vital to You Tube to help broaden your viewership so always invite COMMENTS.
  7. Having your videos shared in as many SOCIAL WEBSITES as possible such as the Facebook, Twitter, and Google will greatly help in making them viral in the shortest time.
  8. Use of e-mail marketing and PPC will increase views of your videosquickly.
  9. Your EMBEDDED videos can be distributed to thousands of sites by using ARTICLE MARKETING and PRSS RELEASES.
  10. You may run a contest for the BEST PLAYLIST via the PLAYLIST ADDITIONS feature of YouTube.
  11. Encourage viewers and visitors to subscribe to your YouTube CHANNEL.
  12. From your blogs and social websites, link to your channel to encourage CHANNEL VIEWS to your videos.
  13. Avoid FLAGS  at all cost for they can shut down your YouTube channel.

By giving special attention to the above SEO ranking tips can considerably improve the discoverability of your YouTube website which translates to better traffic and bigger income.

For more explanation on the above tips on how to make money with YouTube, visit :

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