Stress is the greatest nemesis of productivity. This article, therefore, hopes to help you get rid of your stress and increase our productivity.

Below are some practical steps you can take to attain this goal:

Give in to the inevitable. Do not try to resist what is already your present situation. Thinking wishfully of what might have been will not change the reality of your NOW. This will only stress you further and muddle your mind to think clearly. The best option to take is to lower your resistance and accept the situation you are in now. Do not give in to panic. Instead, try to calm down and think calmly of possible solution to the problem at hand.

Do not take life too seriously, nobody has escaped it alive. This may sound extreme but that is the reality of life. Everyone has problems to tackle one time or another. Indulging in them too much only increases the negativity in you. Often times, even minor hitches are blown out of proportion by paying excessive attention to them. Exaggerating these problems will not solve anything but only stress you. It can worsen the situation and cause you to panic. When this happens, thinking clearly for solution becomes impossible.

Misery loves company. Avoid negative and counter-productive relationships. Some people have the masochistic attitude ingrained in them. They seem to enjoy playing the victims in any situation. Stay away from them or you will soon absorb this negativity from them. Instead, read self-empowering books or listen to subliminal audios that promotes positivity. Go to bed early each night and be lulled to sleep by relaxing music.

What’s the rush? You see people in busy city thoroughfares rushing, but for what? Walking or driving fast can only save you 15 or 20 minutes at most. Is that worth the tension and stress you build in you by rushing? The best solution to avoid this unnecessary stressful situation is to leave the house 20 minutes earlier than your appointment. This way you avoid rushing and miss the opportunity to appreciate nature’s beauty around. Also, by starting early you reach your appointment in a more relaxed and refreshed state of mind of body.

Be grateful for the big and small blessings you receive each day. As soon as you open your eyes in the morning and before you retire at night, smile and murmur a short “thank you” for the blessings given to you during the day.

It said that we get more of the bad things because that is the only time we remember to pray. Try praying in thanksgiving every time we receive blessings and more will come our way.

Flexing your muscles is the best way to release the toxins and stress that accumulate in our system. It is not necessary to go to the gym for our daily exercise. Simple bending, stretching, jogging, and deep breathing can do the trick. Take 5 to 10 minute breaks at work is enough to refresh our mind and body. These breaks, coupled with few deep breathing, are also effective energy boosters.

Spread your activities throughout the day. Avoid dumping all your tasks in one sitting. Besides being counter-productive, this will also stress us unnecessarily. Divide your plan of actions for your goal into smaller, more achievable blocks. It will be less stressful to work on smaller tasks one at a time and result to more achievements at the end of the day.

Ventilate your pent-up frustrations with your family and trusted friends. Ask the advice of qualified professional or of people whose opinions you respect. It is said that:” Joy, when shared, multiplies; Sorrow, when shared, is divided”. Do not carry your burden alone. Other sympathetic shoulders to lean on will dissipate stress effectively.

Once you are able to unshackle yourself of stress that hinders you from moving on with life, you will be free to work for greater productivity.