“Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything” – Lifehack Quote

Many are not satisfied with the present situation they are in. There is nothing wrong with this feeling because it encourges people to move on with their lives. However, few actually lift a finger to act. They are overwhelmed by the investment they have to put in to accomplish the change even before they start taking action.

But did you know it may not cost as much to improve yourself? The most powerful tool you can use to affect this change is free and is within you — your mind!

The mind is so powerful it can dictate how to run your life, it controls your every action and emotion, and can affect the success or your failure of your endevoures. The good news is that you CAN harness this power within you to your advantage for FREE!

In most cases, your real enemy that stops you from acheiving your goals is yourself — or the way your mind works, your mindset. It is said that “change is an inside job”, so change what is inside your head and the change you are hoping for will be realized.

To help you do this, here are some thoughts or phrases you can use to change your mindset and improve your life:

Shift Your mindset from “I must spend less” to “I must earn more”. Both these phrases may result to accumulating money but their dynamic mechanisms are very different. Spending less restrains you from moving on and may keep you stuck in your present situation. Trying to earn more, on the other hand, is a more positive and aggressive approach. It encourages you to actively seek for ways to increase your income. It opens for you more opportunities and new ideas to harness your potential to the maximum. You can achieve your goal of improving your financial status faster.


Shift your thinking from “I cannot” to “I will not”. Although both phrases express the idea of the inability to take action, “I cannot” conveys the sense of helplessness and of being powerless to do anything. It gives you the feeling of being the victim of circumstances. This is a very paralysing idea and may lead to despair.


“I will not”, however, gives the feeling of being in control and responsible for your inabilty to act. It means you can do it if you want to but you just choose not to do it. There is no sense of helpless in this situation but displays the power to exercise your will. In this case, you can act and change your life for the better IF you want to. The choice is all yours!


Shift your thinking from “I failed” to “I learned”. It is inevitable that you suffer from setbacks in your personal or professional life. It is the way how you will make your mind react to these failures that will make the big difference. When you say “I failed”, you surrender yourself to suffer the consequences of the failure. This negative reaction may cause you to despair and prevent you from moving on. It may weaken your determination to attain your goal altogether.



Thinking “I learned” after suffering from a setback is the wiser sentiment to choose. This means you acknowledged the failure, admitted to it, and has taken the option to learn your lesson from the bad situation. Instead of being paralyzed by the setback, you analyzed the reasons that brought about the failure and has taken the necessary action to avoid it in the future.


Drastically improving your life is not impossible nor should cost you so much. Just follow the guides discussed above to change your mindset and transform your life for the better!