Article Marketing has always been among the most effective way of growing any business on the internet but what is it? Article marketing is a type of advertising in which businesses write short articles about themselves, their company or their field of expertise as a marketing strategy.

Article marketing is when you write about topics in your expertise. Anyone with a business or product to promote should be writing them. Article marketing is very much like to a cyber popularity contest. The more people read the articles you posted, the more sales you generate from them. As much as possible, show that you are an expert in your field, and the best way to achieve this is to write about it and put those articles on popular article websites.


How should you write these articles? It is a well known fact that in article marketing, “Content is King” hence, make them as interesting and informative as possible. Give away all of your knowledge for you to gain the trust of others.

Make the articles original. No two articles should be the same. Try avoid being too “advertise-y”, but subtly hint to your brand in your articles as much as possible. The more original the articles you post, the more they will be noticed, and translates to more sales.

Some of the best websites to post your original content are:

• Hubpages

• Squidoo

• Ezinearticles

• Knol


How to write articles



Below are some suggestions to help in improving yourwriting skills and make the process easier.

1. Read other articles – One of the best ways to improve the quality of your writing, be it writing articles, copy or fiction, is to read other people’s writing. This prevent your own writing from becoming stale and limited. By reading others’ work, your creativity and imagination improve.

2. Write, write and keep writing – By actually writing is the only way to strengthen your writing skills and develop your writing ability. Write as much as you can, as often as you can. You do not always have to be writing articles to be published. You may write about anything that may interest you or even about your own private thoughts. Remember that the more you write, the better your writing is likely to become. As is said: constant practice makes perfect.

3. Read declined feedback – If the article you wrote before was turned down, don’t feel discouraged. Treat this rejection as a free advice on how to improve your own article writing. Study and learn from the comments and use them as guides on how to improve your future article writing . Consider the declined or rejected articles as learning opportunities, not failures.

4. Proofread – It is sad how many articles are declined for trivial or careless reasons simply because of failure to proofread. Not to bother checking the quality of your work gives the bad impression on your readers that your article is not that important and does not deserve their serious attention.

5. Start with a title – If you find thinking what to write is a problem, we suggest you start with a title. While many article writers do this routinely, others prefer writing the title at the end. If you usually do the latter, why not try giving yourself more focus with a tight title to work from. Focus can do great things for improving the quality of your articles.

6. create a structure – If your articles feel a little loose and unfocused, working to a structure will help in improving the quality of your article and tightening it up. This can be done by either plan a structure yourself, or use a template structure available on the web. Spinners can do magic in this case. The following video shows how this is done:



7. Forget keywords – Many articles fail to appeal because the writer becomes too concerned more on his keywords than his audience. Try writing your article while completely forgetting about your keywords. You will notice that they show up automatically in your writing if you focus on the subject well.

8. Focus on your reader – This will help make your article sound more genuine, more sincere, and more focused on the reader than you.

9. Be your own writer – Avoid copying the writing style other writers. Everyone has his own natural voice, and trying to write in a style which is not natural to you makes the whole article sound unnatural. Discover your own style, and use it.

10. Variety is the spice of writing – Be creative, resourceful, and innovative in how you present your articles to avoid making them stale. For example, you may write your article as though it was an interview with someone. Instead of always writing in the third person, you can shift in the first person. Try inserting a little humour in you usually serious articles. Varying the style and approach in article writing often helps in spicing up your articles and make them more appealing to your readers.


Article writing can be fun, and while we are not necessarily natural writers, we can improve our own skill by trying any of these suggestions. For added information on how to write articles the quick and easy way, you may watch the following video:



Happy writing!