When working on anything, concentration is of vital importance. Concentration is defined as giving all of our attention to a subject. The opposite of concentration is distraction, which unfortunately, in our “always-on environment”, we have more of that than ever.

E-mail, text messaging, push updates, and chat sessions may be vital in helping us do our jobs and make us more productive — but for many of us they come at a big price:  distraction – the reduced ability to focus on a single task for more than a few minutes at a time.

Admittedly, online distractions which destroy productivity at work exist because we allow them to. It is human nature to be curious of what we think we are missing and to want to be the first to receive an update from a loved one or a piece of gossip. Hence, we leave temporarily what we are doing and open our social media account.  These “temporary” distractions soon eat up a big chunk of our otherwise productive hours.

However, it is now possible to avoid this human weakness that leads us to waste valuable time. Thanks to the new product of Eighty Percent Solution Corporation called FREEDOM.


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Freedom is a simple productivity application that solves this problem simply and effectively by locking you away from internet of MAC and Windows computer for up to 8 hours at a time. Freedom is perfectly simple. Turn Freedom on, tell Freedom how long you would like to focus, and you are offline and able to work. If you need to get back online, you can simply reboot.

Freedom Application helps avoids these worst workplace distractions:

The phone (particularly the smartphone): This gadget may be despised by many but some people still make voice calls–and they have a irritating habit of calling right when you are in the middle of doing something that requires sustained focus. A phone is considered as the most audibly intrusive disrupter of work continuity with its insistent ringing that demands your immediate attention.

E-mail: Avoiding to check your e-mail even only for a few times a day—requires super human discipline.  We just have to check it every so often per day hoping that something new is coming in.  The Outlook is among the worse culprits since e-mail in it comes in constantly, cluttering your workspace screen with pop-up alerts and digested version of each newly arrived message.

Text messages: These consume an increasingly large portion of the average person’s day with usually unimportant information but command an immediate attention.  Text messages result into more text messages. Unfortunately it is virtually impossible to ignore incoming text messages because, psychologically, it seems impossible to resist responding to them.

Instant messages: Immediate messages may not be as intrusive as text messages.  Just the same, they expect to be replied to more promptly and in greater detail. Even worse, many businesses use IM at a corporate level, so they require properly spelled replies thus wasting more answering time.

Social networks: Friend requests, comments on your latest updates, and of course the endless Facebook news feed.  Facebook and other social networks will always be distractions and when they work together with other distractions (specifically, e-mail), the effect can be really devastating.  The level of distraction these social networking bring continues to get worse.

Twitter: Twitter combines the twitchiness of text messaging making it an especially disruptive form of social network.   In most cases, the pointlessness of message-board comments means nothing to anyone except to the person who writes it. Becoming a Twitter “follower” makes you waste almost the whole of your day.

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To avoid the above-mentioned costly and annoying distractions in your workplace, it is imperative that you try using the productivity application Freedom. You will sure to wonder how you ever worked before without it.  For more details about this time-saving Freedom application, visit http://macfreedom.com/