download (2)“Nothing in this world is permanent except change “ is an oft quoted phrase. Perhaps this sounds ironic but it is true. Nothing remains static in life and change is inevitable.  However, embracing you may find that change is a difficult or even a painful process. Straying far from your comfort zone appears daunting and is too risky a gamble to take.

The primary reason for your hesitancy to change is fear of the unknown. But most often, what you fear most is not really that frightening. You just let your imagination get the better of you and exaggerate its effect.

Here are some tips on how to cope with changes that come into your life:

download (2)Define your fear.  Do not allow it to linger in your mind as something abstract, hence difficult to grasp and impossible to fight. Think what it is that makes you procrastinate about the change you are about to make. Once you know your enemy, you can face it because by unmasking it.  It ceases to be a phantom haunting your mind.

Be analytical. Weigh all the pros and cons of the issue. Why is the change necessary in the first place (it would not come up unless there is a reason for it)?  Analyze if the reason is worth making the change. Compare the reason against your concern about it. By doing an objective analysis, your fear loses or even dissolves completely its perceived harmful repercussion.

download (2)Seek advice. If some concern lingers in your mind, seeking the help of an authority on the issue or a qualified mentor will be a wise move.  It sometimes happens that some biased or emotional feeling may cloud your thinking.  An outside opinion or advice will help clear your mind.

Live in the present. The past is done with and gone. Holding on to it will not change it anymore unless it has taught you some lessons applicable to your present. The future (which you are so concerned about) is still just an illusion.  Being a mere pigment in your mind, it is something intangible which you cannot grapple with. Why would you let something you could not even touch control your life? Studies show that only 10% or less of imagined negativity actually materialise. The rest simply dissipate like air bubble with time.

download (2)Adjust your mind-set. Count yourself among the great people. Ordinary people ask “What now?”. Great people ask “What’s next?” The latter always anticipate something better.  Their mind is set on positivity. The power of the mind in dictating your life can never be underestimated. Attitude is the direct product of your mind-set. It is critical in helping you embrace change. Always look for ways to change; to grow. Nothing stays as it is.  It either gets better or gets worse: If you stay the same, you are surely getting worse.

Do not be over-cautious of risks. Too much concern about taking risk in making a change can be paralyzing. Remember that NOT taking the risk is, in itself, risky. The “what if’s” should support you; not hinder you in your decisions.  Most mistakes committed are usually not that devastating and can be corrected.  However, opportunities lost because of too much concern can be irreparable and lasting. After weighing all sides of the issue, taking calculated risks is worth the try. You can always back-tract if you need to.

Learning from the past is a wise move to take. However, resting on your laurel will make you stagnate in life. The key to your growth and success depends in embracing change, not complacency in your past accomplishments.   So move on.  Embrace that change if you deem it necessary!