happinessAre you overwhelmed and stressed by the never ending tasks in your to-do lists or your perpetually lack of time to do things? If that is how you feel right now, you are not alone. It happens to most people who have deadlines to meet or are burdened with too many tasks that spill out of their 24-hour day.

However, before you reach out for that bottle of tranquilizers in your medicine cabinet, try these drugless and safer ways to chill out.

Throw out some of your excess bags

happinessDecide which of your tasks are truly important. Not every urgent task is important and not all important tasks as urgent. Some tasks can be delayed for another day or two when you are not too busy. In fact, you can even get rid of some of them for good. Others can be delegated to an assistant or a virtual worker. These extra hands may prove more efficient and cheaper rather than doing the tasks yourself. Limit your tasks to 3 really important ones per day. It is not the end of the world for you yet so you do not have to finish all your tasks today.  You still have many tomorrows at your disposal.

The best cure is on the air

There is one effective cure for stress that will not cost you a dime.  It is so common that it is literally under your nose but is often taken for granted — air! Simply inhale it deeply and feel it fill your lungs; then, exhale it until your lungs are almost empty. Repeat the process slowly 5 times and voila — your feelings of stress and being overwhelmed just dissipate into thin air for free!

Break it to chewable sizes

happinessLooking at tasks, especially major ones, in their entirety can be overwhelming. If you look at   the enormous pyramids in Egypt, you would never think they could ever be built.  But their ancient architects and engineers had the wisdom of building them, not as a whole structure at one time, but by putting one block of stone atop the other, one by one. So you should tackle your seemingly impossible tasks the same way. Divide your major tasks into smaller achievable parts, one after the other. Appreciate and reward yourself for each single part you are able to finish. This will motivate you to go on working without being stressed unnecessarily. Then, tackle the next part.  Keep doing it this way until you complete the entire task.

Forget multi-tasking

Multi-tasking is never the way to avoid being overwhelmed. In fact, it just worsens it because having too much work in your hand at the same time will just overwhelm you further. Multi-tasking will stress you more because of the mistakes you are bound to commit due to lack of concentration on the task at hand. Correcting mistakes later is a waste of time and resources—which will be overwhelming. This same is true when you do multi-thinking. It is impossible to clutter your mind with several thoughts simultaneously without getting confused and your mind muddled up.


Start moving

Engaging in any activity such as walking or doing exercise will trigger your brain to release endorphins, also known as ‘happy hormones’, to your body and mind. Activity boosts your productivity, helps you cope with stress, and dissipates nervous tension. Endorphins alter your bad mood and prevent the sense of being overwhelmed. Actually, even a 15-minute dancing or jogging is enough to make you feel relaxed and stay calmer.

Have a change of surroundings

happinessA change of ambiance in your workplace or a change of scenery can go a long way to boost your mood. Doing or seeing the same thing day in and day out is very depressing.  It gives you the overall sense of being cooped up and strained in life. Perhaps long vacation in some idyllic vacation place is not always feasible. However, a few minutes of walk outside to enjoy the warm sunshine and a breath of fresh air can do magic to break out of the doldrums. Often times, spicing up your daily routine is enough to resolve your seemingly complex and overwhelming problems.

Use pet therapy

happinessPets are great help to calm down. Studies show that playing or cuddling a kitten or puppy can lower your blood pressure, improve your immune system, and boost your mood. Also, pets are the best conversation partners to dissipate or melt your bad mood. They unselfishly give you their full attention and unconditional love. They just give you that quizzical look and listen while you rant away your frustrations. Most importantly, they never answer back, a most un-stressing reaction indeed!

The next time you are about to reach your boiling point, forget that bottle of anti-stress pills.  Instead, go for these effective and safe cures for your stress.