automationMost people cherish a dream or two but they think they are too impossible to come true so they just let them remain…well, dreams. However, this should not always be the case. Dreams CAN come true if you only know how. And here is how:

It is all in the mind: No, not the dream but the reasons why it cannot become a reality. Your mind plays a big part towards the realization of your dream. Your mind is a very powerful force that dictates on your actions and behavior. What you think is what you eventually become. Instead of thinking of excuses why your dream cannot come true, focus on the reasons of its possibility.

Exert the necessary effort: Learn to labor and to wait. Admittedly, hard work plus your patience are the sure means for the attainment of your dream. They are inherent parts of any dream (for things that can be easily had are not dreams at all). If you should develop additional skills or burn the proverbial “midnight oil” longer to realize your dream, so be it. Make sacrifices in order to reach your dream. You might have to work for low pay in order to reach your dream; however, if you have faith in yourself and set realistic goals, then your sacrifices may pay off.

cost efficientStay healthy: A sound mind in a sound body makes realization of your dream more feasible. You need these things for the stamina and energy you may require in working for your dreams. A feeble constituent may make it more difficult to realize your dream.  The spirit may still be willing to move on but the flesh is simply too weak to do so.

Never quit. “A winner never quits, and a quitter never wins” is an adage very much applicable in realizing your dreams. It is when the going gets tough that successful people gets on going. If you give up, that is when your dreams give up on you.

Take risks. Not taking the risks is just as risky as taking them.  There is a bigger possibility of attaining your dream when you take the risk than not taking any risk. The latter option will give no chance for your dream at all. You will never know unless you take some risks in order to reach your dream.

Set realistic goals. Setting goals is a vital step in reaching your dreams.  However, too lofty goals usually result to failures and disappointments.  These erode self-confidence fast, a key ingredient in attaining your goals. Perhaps, you can set goals that may not be easily achieved (or you lose the challenge inherent in any worthwhile goals); but not impossible to attain if given the extra effort and dedication required. Break down your dreams into smaller, more achievable ones. Then try to attain them one at a time until you get them all.

Stay positive. The mind exerts a powerful force in your actions. “As you think, so you are” is an undeniable truth. Your destiny is a matter of choice, yours, and not of chance. All your successes and failures are the by-products of your thoughts.  Studies show that positive people are more successful in life as a result of their optimism. A strong confidence in yourself that you can achieve what you aim for is one very important factor in realizing your dream.

Dare to dream. With the above tips, who needs a wishing star or a rabbit’s foot to make them come true?