1“Impossibility’ is actually just a state of mind.  Therefore, it is important that you start tackling your “impossible goal” by shifting your mindset to possible mode. Actually, there is nothing truly impossible if the proper knowledge and experience are there to realize that a goal is possible to achieve.  From there, you could work on the following steps to achieve your goal:

  • Define your goal.  Know exactly what you want to achieve and why. Without a clear cut picture of your objective, you end up drifting aimlessly thus wasting important time and resources. Working with undefined goal in your mind makes attaining your goal truly impossible.
  • Study your goal seriously. Analyze which part of your goal is possible or realistic and what is it that makes it look impossible or unrealistic to you. Find out if anyone who has done it before. Knowing this removes the “impossibility” idea in your mind and motivates you to continue working with your goal. Study the method used to serve as your guide. You could make the necessary modifications to it if necessary.

  • 1Take stock of your resources. Make sure you have what it takes to see your project through to completion. Besides the logistics, you should also equip yourself with these intangible but important factors to succeed, namely: firm determination, passion for the goal, willingness to take necessary risks, and the emotional stamina to handle setbacks.  A goal may remain impossible simply because the drive and determination to complete it is lacking in the planning.
  • Pour your full energy into your goal. Do not lose heart if things do not work out well at the start. Do not be taken in by stories of over-night success of people who seemed to be lucky or were at the right place at the right time. In reality, their success was the result of many years of slaving away to turn their dreams to reality. The fact is, you have to work hard to attain success. Impossible goals take time to achieve and merely sitting on it and dream away the plans in your mind will not turn it to reality. Condition your mind to take a long-term approach to achieve your goal. Apply yourself diligently and consistently to your goal. However, to achieve even your unrealistic goals, you must be aware and capitalize on your strength so as not to limit your capability.
  • Learn to work smarter, not harder. One way to do this is to delegate work. Let others do the work for you so you could concentrate on the more important phase of the task. Pull up a team of dedicated and positive minded people to help you work on your goal. Outsource tasks that may not require your full attention but are important in your operation. This saves you time, energy, and money while at the same time, things are done efficiently.
  • 1Do not justify your mistakes. By making alibis, you only reaffirm your mistakes, thus delaying your learning from them. Justification of your errors may temporarily make you feel better at the expense of obstructing your progress towards attaining your goal. If you really want to attain the attainable, you must take full responsibility for every decision you make, all the actions you take, and their repercussions. Refrain from finger-pointing and blaming others for setbacks. Instead, look for positive solutions to problems and move on.  Also, do not be afraid to fall. Many successful people are propelled faster towards their goals because of the failures they experienced.
  • Hasten slowly. You need patience and perseverance in order to finish what you start. Break up your goals into smaller and do-able segments. Slow down and do baby steps if necessary. When you rush things up, you may invite more mistakes and missteps that may cause delays. Expect obstacles to come along the way but instead of discouraging you, treat them as guide posts pointing the right way to your goal.

Do not dismiss a goal away simply because you think it is impossible. It is said that nothing is ever as good or as bad as it may seem and this applies to “impossible goals” as well. It is all in the mind. Besides, all your hardship will vanish into thin air once you achieve your goal — and your sacrifices will make success taste even sweeter!