These videos are meant to convey a strong message of achieving what we dreamed of doing.

Aristotle, a great Philosopher once said, “excellence is not an act, but a habit.” Our actions define who we are. If we stay lame, we are meek. If we believe we are not good enough, all we can do is sit on the bench while watching others do their show. If we do not act, we get nowhere. Great achievements start from belief. Belief carries us through many difficulties in life to our dreams.

Will Smith in the movie ‘Pursuit to Happiness” advised his son saying, “Don’t let ever somebody tell you, you can’t do something. You got to dream; you got to protect it. People can’t do something their selves; they want to tell you, you can’t do it. If you want something, go get it…period!”

In the movie “Miracle”, US Ice Hockey Team Coach uplifts the dampened spirits of his team saying, “Great moments are born from great opportunity. And, that’s what you have here tonight…that’s what you earned here tonight…one game. If we played them 10 times, they might win nine, but not this game…not tonight.

Achieve goals, inch by inch to the finish or you can do nothing and get nowhere. Don’t quit until you’ve got nothing left!