As an entrepreneur, you can use VAs for everything, from providing customer support to fulfilling online marketing functions. As long as the job can be performed remotely, outsourcing is possible—and is a viable and cost-effective option. If you are not sure
where to start, here are 5 ways you can use remote administrative assistance to cut your operational costs, reduce work hours, and improve your business.


1. Transcription Services

Converting audio and visual aids into a written form is time-consuming. It also requires specialised skills to ensure quality and accuracy. By taking advantage of outsourcing transcription services, you can benefit from reduce capital investments, overhead
expenses, and increased revenue.

2. Blog Posting & Social Media Management

Maintaining one business blog is easy, but multiple blogs? That requires great time investment. So how do you manage 3 to 5 blogs or more and keep them updated? The best solution is outsourcing.

In addition to updating your blogs, virtual assistants can also manage your business pages on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media sites. They can update your post, moderate comments and manage your social media calendar.

3. Research
Research is important in business; it helps you find new leads, know about other companies, stay updated about new technologies, and know trending topics on social networking sites, forums, and blogs. But as an entrepreneur, you are probably busy dealing with customers and meeting prospective clients. Good thing, you can outsource the research tasks to VAs, enabling you to focus on the most important aspects of your business.


4. Search Engine Optimisation

An SEO virtual assistant is important in any online business. He is your partner in ensuring your site land on the top-ten pages of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. He is responsible in keeping you updated about the current SEO trends, ensuring content quality, building links, and bookmarking, and so on.

5. Data Mining and Data Entry

Creating a list of prospective clients, sending email sales follow-ups, recording contacts, gathering documents, and searching the Internet for pertinent business information are time-consuming works that are better outsourced. Investing your time, effort, and resources on these tasks will get you tied up the whole day, so they are better left outsourced.

These are just five tasks you can outsource to virtual assistance. Project management, fact checking, event planning, and voicemail and email management are other back- office works that your VA can handle too.

You might also like to check the first part of this article where we provide guide questions to help you choose what tasks to outsource.