Outsourcing companies claim that hiring virtual assistants saves me money. Yes, I may save TIME if I assign time-consuming routine tasks to him, but save MONEY?

I still have to pay him like my regular worker, don’t I? Sometimes, I may even have to pay him by the hour which may exceed what I am paying my regular employee per day, so how do I save?

Many employers still think this way — and you may be one of them. It is true that you may sometimes pay a virtual assistant a bit more per day compared to what you pay your office employee daily but you may overlook the following factors: A virtual assistant is an independent contractor so the same employment procedures do not apply to him, therefore:

1. Regular hiring expenses and time are eliminated such as placing newspaper ads, spending time interviewing candidates, requiring them to undergo physical and medical examinations, etc. All these are taken cared of by the outsourcing companies. (Ask www.mroutsource.com for what they can do for you).

They send you a qualified and ready-for-work VA on the first day you sign the contract with them. In the meantime, no time is wasted and pending work waiting for the candidate you hire personally to finish all his requirements to start work.

2. Since a VA is not under your direct employ, you do not have pay taxes or come up with benefit package like medical insurance, disability benefit, or pension. VA takes care of his own taxes and does not expect the perks enjoyed by regular employees.

In case you want to terminate your VA’s services for whatever reasons, the outsourcing company can immediately find you a suitable replacement him. Also, you do not have to worry about the VA’s separation pay.

3. A virtual assistant is proven to be more committed to his quality of work because he understands that his income depends solely on his productivity and delivery of value services to his clients. He is an effective and efficient worker who sees to it that he delivers flawless output fast at all time. Compare his situation to your regular employee whom you pay regardless of his effort, or lack of it.

4. Since a VA does not physically spend his time in your office to perform the tasks you assign to him, he uses his own office supplies and equipment. You should appreciate the savings you make from this arrangement – no office supplies and equipment to buy and no maintenance expenses for the machines he uses such as the computer, copier, scanner, fax, or telephone bills to pay.

After considering the above money-saving factors, wouldn’t you agree that hiring a virtual assistant will save you money which otherwise you can use for expanding your business ? If you decide to take this option, talk to us for assistance.