1.1How would you like to become as rich as you could possibly imagine? If you say this is impossible, then it is no wonder you are not rich. What you think becomes you and since you do not believe you can be rich, then, you will not be so.

More than Aladdin’s lamp or a fairy’s magic wand, you possess something more powerful than these pigments of the storytellers’ imaginations to make your dream come true. What you have is very real but unfortunately often ignored by most, including you… your mind.

Your mind is so powerful it can control your life and dictate your future, if you allow it to do so. Fortunately, despite its great power, you can harness it just like a dam controls a raging river to produce electrical power to light up entire cities and run their economy.

All the modern conveniences around you are products of human minds harnessed productively. Think of it— if the mind is so powerful that it can support civilizations, couldn’t it do the same to you? If it can produce trillions of money to run global economy, couldn’t it spare you a few millions? Of course, it can!

Switch it to the positively productive mode. Once you succeed in doing this, voila! Your wish is its command! Here some “credos” (self beliefs) to feed your mind with:

1• Believe you deserve to be rich!

No one person has the monopoly of the earth’s abundance. Claim your stake and let no one tell you that you do not deserve your share. You may have been brainwashed that you are not as beautiful as those models in commercial ads they want you to imitate, or as intelligent as those financial consultants on Wall Street they want you to hire — they simply know how to promote their worth. Believe that you are at par with them because you are endowed with God-given talents unique only to you; hence you genuinely have something to offer to the world — just promote and believe in your own worthiness!

• Believe everything is possible!

The phrases that had been drummed into your head that “money does not grow on trees” or that people you ask money from “are not made of money” had programmed you to think that money is scarce — it is not! There is plenty to go around for all. Believe it is very possible for you to get your share. However, you must first believe this is possible before it can actually happen to you.

• Believe you already have the best.

1Constantly peeking over your neighbours’ yards and envying that their grass is greener will just slow down good fortune to come your way. Positive vibrations travel faster than negative ones. Rather than voicing out your discontent with what you have, appreciate what you already have and more will surely come. Gratefulness has a funny way of coming back at you with more “gifts” you would be grateful for.

• Believe in the goodness of rich people.

Instead of putting rich people down and suspecting all they have is “dirty” money, believe that they are wealthy because they deserve to be so. In reality, most of these unsavoury criticisms such as rich people are snobs, dishonest, or selfish are borne of envy of not being rich yourself. Unfortunately, these negative qualities that you associate with rich people are programmed into your psyche. You do not want to become as you think they are, so you unconsciously reject wealth into your own life. Isn’t that pitiful…to be a victim of your own bad image of others?

1• Believe in the power of mantras and visual reminders.

Mantras are words or phrases you repeat over and over again to yourself aloud or silently. They are very good tools to re-program your mind and make it think the way you want it to do so. So if you want to get rid of your negative thoughts, using positive mantras will push them out your head. Surrounding yourself with visual reminders of what you want to get or achieve will hasten their coming to your reality. The excitement these visual motivators bring is responsible for this phenomenon.

• Believe that money is good.

Remember that Aesop’s fable about the fox who could not reach a hanging bunch of grapes? It finally gave up trying and justified that maybe, there were sour anyway and not worth getting. People tend to “hate” what they do not and could not have, including money. In reality, it is not the money they hate but the lack of it. Next time you hear yourself saying “I hate money”, beware. Money might hear and believe you so it runs away from you. Instead, look at the ads on glossy magazines advertising what money could buy and say: “I love money that can buy me this or that”. The more you send out positive vibrations of your love towards the subject of money, the more it will come to you because you love it.

• Believe that paying your bills is good.

Instead of feeling bad about settling your bills, take them as concrete affirmations that you actually have the money to pay for your bills. Believe that money is such a good friend it enables you enjoy whatever you are paying for. Again, remember how gratitude pays you back by giving more something you could be grateful for.

1• Believe that acting like one can help you be one.

Rich people are committed to their dreams, poor people are just dreaming about their dreams Aiming to be rich is not a passing fancy if you really want it to become a reality. You must be committed to its realization in everything you think and do. Mingle with the rich crowd, adapt their attitude towards wealth, and synchronize your mindset to theirs. However, never look down on less fortunate people. Be generous and savour the joy of giving instead of receiving. When you give, you experience abundance but if you are at the receiving end, you invite and experience lack and want. You will notice that truly wealthy individuals do not hesitate to share their blessings, they are active in charity work, and they are comfortable with their wealth. Act and feel like them.

Feeding your mind with these beliefs can alter your mindset from that of a poor who craves to have more to that of a wealthy person who feels fulfilled and satisfied in life and, therefore, able to give more.