Although virtual workers like writers and bloggers enjoy flexible working hours compared to their regular counterparts doing day jobs, they oftentimes exceed the working hours of the latter group. This is mainly due to the professional demand of their jobs. Since most are paid by the number of articles they submit or the actual length of hours they work, they try to earn more by increasing production. Also, the creative freedom they enjoy sometimes makes them lose track of the time and continue while inspired to do so.

However, these enthusiasm and the demands of their profession make them sacrifice their personal health. Most get by with light snacks like crackers and coffee. Others skip meals altogether. Some leave meals to fast-food restaurants and “exercise” by doing a few sitting and standing ups in their workplace.

Of course, this life-style has dire health consequences. It plays havoc on the body’s various systems such as circulatory, digestive, and immune systems. The financial gain the bloggers work for is outweighed by the medical issues they will suffer from later. To avoid or minimize these health problems, we suggest the following tips:

VIRTUAL TRAINERS Good news to virtual workers! There are now online virtual trainer programs that are health supportive like the Diet-to-go, BistroMD, and Motivational apps. They offer some great training and diet apps to help you set goals and recommend exercises that will work for you. They track your progress as well. These online trainers can make small healthy changes to your daily lives and help transform you from the old, sluggish VA a new, energized VA. You can also receive motivational words and bits of healthy advice when you subscribe to text messaging services from medical professionals.

EAT HEALTHY Stay away from diets that promise fast weight loss, but regain them back once you stop their regimen. Instead, try to eat lots fresh fruits and vegetables and, if possible, prepare your own meals. Many healthy-looking meals from restaurants and take-out places have hidden calories in seasoning or sauces. Eat often and regularly. Eating 3-5 small meals throughout the day will keep your body full and energized without binging extra unwanted weight. Drink plenty of liquid throughout the day.

EXERCISE Simple exercises that encourage any movement is enough. Try to do a movement activity at least 30 minutes a day for at least four days a week. It is up to you how to move. Group fitness classes are good for this purpose because besides being motivational, they are also really fun. Exercise does not need to feel like exercise. Take a peaceful walk through the park; or ride a bike to pick up a few groceries. Choose something that you enjoy doing and do it as often as you can. You will end up feeling happier, you will sleep better, and write with more enthusiasm.

BREATHING TO RELAX When we get stressed, we sometimes just forget to breathe. Our breaths become short and shallow, just stressing out our bodies even more. A few deep breathes are very relaxing. When you feel all tensed up, just sit up straight in your chair, close your eyes, and breathe. Count to five as you inhale and fill your lungs with air, then count to five as your exhale and completely empty your lungs. Continue this for at least 10 breaths, or until you feel more calm.

Try the above heath tips. Remember: the healthier you are, the better you can do your daily virtual work with confidence and less stress.