The moment we sought potentiality in our selves, is the time we decide that we can become great. If we thought we are not good enough, then we do not deserve our dreams. If we dream big, yet we do not believe in ourselves to achieve greatness, we do not deserve success. Success is only for those who believes in it and work hard to achieve it. Losers are losers because they thought they never win. Winners were once losers who believe they are worth something better than an underdog.

The thin line that separates success and failure is belief. Without belief, we can never be someone. Without belief, we are nobody. However, if we see potentiality in our selves then we know that we can become great. If we believe in that vision, then we can produce more results and achieve more than what we thought we could not.

We should not settle for less if we know we can become great – much bigger than the best. Becoming the best is not even enough, if we know we can do more. Hence, the challenge here is to understand your potentiality to step up and go beyond without limitations.