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Hi. Erlend Bakke here, founder of

Today, I’m in the Hamptons, Long Island and to the right here, you see, if you rent a small SUV in the U.S., you get this type of car which isn’t really that small. But anyway, the reason why I want to come here is because ever since I was a kid, I watched the movie “Wall Street” and Gordon Geeko’s House is actually the one behind here, the white house right there and on this beach is where they’re driving around and racing each other with the go carts, with the beach buggies in the morning. He was standing on this beach, on his phone speaking. And, it’s just something I want to see. I’ve always wanted to come here into the Hamptons and see where that movie was filmed. So, it’s right here. Erlen Bakke here,founder of Mr., signing out from the beautiful Hamptons.Bye-bye!