These words are powerful enough to move our conscience:

“Voice without a vision; noise without a mission; all talk, but no take over.”

Undeniably, we speak empty words to hide truth coming out of our mouth. We are afraid to tell what should be said and conveyed. This is because the truth is so hard to do. It feels like a burden that gets heavy each day. Hence, we say things without a message and talk without meat.

However, we can change that if we do what we say and say what we do. If we act on what we say blended with conviction and resolve, we can become more truthful and become freer than we can be. Being untied from the things that binds us from lies is no greater freedom. If we do not take action we become like “gamblers without guts, fighters with fake fists, and believers with no balls.”

If we cannot be free, tell the truth, and act on aspirations, then “we do not deserve our dreams.” We cannot be somebody else if we cannot stay true to who we are. We have to face ourselves first and challenge our thoughts and ideas to become a much stronger person.