In business or whatever engagements we do, we set goals for the organization we work for and for ourselves. As we start climbing up to it, we sometimes take a different path  in our lives. Eventually, we do not want to hear or be reminded about the goal that we make. We look for reasons not to be reminded of our objectives. We sometimes think that we can achieve our goals the other way around.

We rationalize because goals are troublesome…and nasty (as the speaker of this video puts it). We consider goals as something that burdens us.  Whenever we are reminded about it, we tend to run away from it and we never get to do anything in the long run. And then, when we realize we are far away from what we have established we set new goals.

It is an unending process of rationalization and excuses. In the end, we see ourselves far from what we could have become and far from what we could have done.

Hence, the moment we decide is the very moment that we succeed.  All we have to do is to believe in it and work for it. All the pain and sacrifices that we have endured will be paid in full and a thousand more.