What is the difference between goals and optimization? Well, they are different life philosophies and this article discusses the two to help you clarify how you can apply this to your life. In short life is process, life is everyday, so enjoying the optimization process is what will make all your goals come true. Do you need goals? Yes, it´s really good to know where you want to go, but don’t make that your main focus, instead enjoy the little everyday things that eventually build your empire (if that´s what you are going for.)  Today I watched a film called Happy 🙂 and I found it really enjoyable and do recommend it to you!

Extrinsic – This is a never ending race i.e. Goals can be a symbol of these. Our whole culture is focused on the extrinsic feelings of Money, Fame, Status and Image. These elements at it´s core make you the least happy.

Instrinsic –  This is where you really feel you are creating value and are alive. These are very much related to process. In effect you live and breath in your own world that you create inside. You set the rules, tone and feelings for how you want to live, think and breathe. If you focus on the intrinsic, you will and can make anything happen in your life. This is quite magical and is also the secret to entrepreneurial success for anybody.

Are you growing a little bit every day, or are you keeping things consistent or you may even be dying a bit every day. What you focus on is generally what materializes in your life so ask yourself the question; “Why would I want to focus on anything else, but growth?”

It´s proven that people that have great relationships are more happy.

How about doing something ridiculous for a change and just have some good old fun where you don´t take yourself to seriously. 
 More coming soon…gotto go 🙂