Hi Erlend Bakke here founder of mroutsource.com
Today! I am in New York and trying out AirBNB  for the first time I think it’s an amazing way to travel. When you,for yourself in business and you have the ability to travel wherever you want whenever you want. You can still go to cities like New York and you can stay in pats through airbnb .com. So the way it works is basically people can rent out there apartment for number of days. You get bored of staying in a hotels and it’s actually really nice to have a kitchen and some you know normal facilities when you are out traveling. And it’s flat here and a house kitchen is about a hundred and eighty dollars a night but if you think about it, it’s like a having suite, right? It’s like having a suite because you have a lot more space and flexibility. I really really like it so far we are doing an airbnb stay later on and it’s also a cheaper way to stay.

I am not sure if you know about hotel prices in New York but they are around 200 dollars a night. So if you are staying here for nearly three weeks so if you do twenty one times 200 dollars it’s start getting very very pricy so also I find when you travel for a longer period of time.  You don’t want to stay in an apartment so you can make your own food and help some friends over and the live kind a normal life. Hotel life gets boring after about two weeks  you don’t really like the hotel anymore in my experienced .

Okay so Erlend Bakke here just wanna drop you a little lines . This is another thing on my bucket list go to New York with my girlfriend and celebrate thanks giving . Now we are on about to head out to see the thanks giving parade with all the inflatable funny cartoon characters and stuff like that.

Erlend Bakke here signing out from beautiful New York

Thank You and Byebye!