Hi Erlend Bakke here author of International Best Seller Never Work Again and founder of Mroutsource.com .


Today I’m crossing off another thing on my bucket list which is going to Cyprus. A beautiful Island from the Mediterranean which has actually gone through many, many wars is started off in the crusades. Basically people came from all over Europe and they came to this Island to trained before they went to the Middle East and fought but later on the islands has been occupied by multiple different nations.  It is actually created; Cypriots are very determined people, they are very passionate and I believe it because they have a little bit resistance in their life. And the more you have resistance in your life and then you overcome that you decide to overcome because if you don’t let yourself overcometh you will become depressed. Depression means getting push down.

When you get challenges in your life and you fail to push against them. It will actually pushes you further down. So I thought that Cypriots is a beautiful example of a people that consistently keep on pushing back. It’s a beautiful place, it’s a beautiful people. Erlend Bakke here signing out from beautiful Cyprus . I wanna go wind surf later on here now so keep on living the freedom lifestyle, dreaming about it, visualizing it and making it happen in your life.

Thank you and Byebye!