The most powerful tool in the world is the human brain. It created a new world for humans to live in comfort against brutes of the wild in prehistoric era. As time goes by, the human mind records huge amount of data and calculates each data to achieve a much better judgment. Hence, the invention of machines and technology that made us higher above any living organism in this world came to be. If humans just followed animal instinct, we could have been notoriously ravaged by superior predators even before we reach the new era or classic period.

Thus, the power of the mind is a very useful tool to help us carry where we want to go and how we want to do it. History has already proved the power of the mind, now it is up to us to move further in our individual lives. We always refer to our thoughts whenever we confront anything. We always use our brain to calculate our body movement to win the finish line of shot the ball. Therefore, our mind controls our fate and our ways in achieving goals.

Whenever we fail along the way of pursuing our dreams our mind tells us that this is painful. But, our mind is also telling us that we are getting nearer to our goals every time we experience pain. Most of the time the greater the pain, the more we get closer to success.