Indeed, motivation is one powerful force that can lead us to anywhere we wish to go. It can change our life and create a more meaningful living. It energizes our body, giving us power to continue, persevere, and go after our dreams. It can make our dreams become reality. It picks us up where we fall and drive us towards success.

It comes in different ways and different forms. Sometimes, motivation is channelled through friends and companions, who would never let us down when we are disappointed and lose hope. It may manifest in videos, movies, or art forms to remind you that there is hope and that all we have got to do is move forward, inch by inch to reach our goals.

Most of the time, motivation inspires us not just to continue, but to do more. Not just to be better, but become the best. Not just great, but become the greatest.

Hardships and troubles are part of life’s adventure. Without these negative experiences, we won’t be able to see our potentiality. We won’t be able to discover that there is something much bigger and something much more meaningful in our life. Because of problems, we are able to achieve solutions – best solutions!