In any business, organizing of day-to-day activities is necessary if a company is to move forward. These are not exactly earth-moving activities but leaving them unattended could have serious adverse impact on the whole organization. They may even cause partial or complete bogging down of operation. We are referring to seemingly simple and mundane tasks like keeping tracts of appointments, setting up business meetings and conferences, booking flights, making hotel reservations, following up clients, etc. To make matters worse, there are times when almost all or all of these tasks require immediate attention at the same time! At times like this, didn’t you wish you had the proverbial genie-in-the-bottle to call on to and do all these tasks in just a snap of his magical fingers?


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Well, such wish is not far-fetch from reality anymore. With just a few strokes on your computer’s keyboard or a quick call on your mobile phone, you can get the assistance of a company that will provide you with virtual assistants who, like the genie-in-the-bottle, can do all these things for you.



Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 4.14.04 AM One of the many companies offering this virtual assistance to you is the ZIRTUAL based in San Francisco, CA. Besides saving valuable time and assuring fast results, hiring the services of a Virtual Assistance company like ZIRTUAL is also cost efficient.


Among the virtual services this VA company offers are:

1. Managing Busy Schedule- they coordinate meetings so that no appointments are ever missed. However, should unforeseen or sudden change of schedules, there is no need to panic because they can easily reschedule appointments when necessary.

2. Make Travel Bookings – They see to it that all the hassles usually associated with bookings with the airlines, trains, or limousine services are effectively taken cared of.

3. Helps in the Researching on Projects at hand – From comprehensive background on the project, to searching for near-impossible to find documents, study, or manuals relating to the project.

4. Flexible Service Plans to meet the personalized and dedicated assistance each client requires.

5. Guaranteed and Safeguarded Results – your project is treated with utmost confidentially and professionalism. Should the client is not satisfied with the services rendered to him.


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With these services offered by Zirtual and most VA companies like them, a businessman has actually found a virtual assistant to lighten the burden of operating his company—a veritable Genie-in-a-bottle. If interested in hiring the services of a virtual assistance company, click here.