Our success formula is Automation + Outsourcing = Freedom

Automation and Outsourcing are pretty easy to understand in terms of generality, but what about freedom. What does it mean to really be FREE?

Deepak Chopra says that “Freedom is the ability and authority to think or act without restrictions or limitations; the ability and power to choose and make decisions.”

When people wish for financial freedom or wanting to be rich most people think its about material things and time, people that are rich like being rich because it gives them choices. Many of the rich people I know find that their wealth owns them in many ways and therefore are not free at all.

Personally I started in business to get uber wealthy, but the more money I made and the more goals I achieved these parts of my life seemed to become less and less appealing and I had to start asking myself what is really important to me? What is this freedom that I´m so scared of letting go of in my life?