Hi, Erlend Bakke here, founder of Mr.Outsource.com. Today, I want to show you a website called, Fiverr. It’s a Micro Arbitrage website. So basically, what you can do is you can search for little tasks that you need to have done and then you can pay $5 to get it done for you. And it’s very easy to pay, you just integrate your PayPal into the system and you just buy lots of tasks and we could go on buy some SEO or Backlinks or something else, Online Marketing: Domain Research, Fan Pages, SEO, Bookmarking and Links or Get Traffic.

So, here, we could choose between Auto, basically, that would mean whatever is promoted by Fiverr. Or we could go to Rating. I usually choose Rating, just because I want to make sure that the person has a lot of likes so: I will drive unlimited genuine real traffic to your website for one month for $5. He’s got 100%, He’s got 140 people in line and He’s got 3299 positive reviews, 1 negative. So, he’s most likely a good person to buy it from.
And this is the person that I’m going to drive traffic to. Let’s see: I will provide online visitors from USA, and top European countries plus 10 bonus days. Okay. A lot of people have extras and I’m going to choose this extra here so I have already purchased this and it works so I’m just going to say, Continue. So, it actually notifies me if I had bought the service before.

You can buy a lot of funny things on Fiverr. You can buy.. I got myself drawn as a Simpson’s character and posted it on Facebook. So, you see, the PayPal just opens up, so I just say, Pay Now. And off it goes and then it should redirect me back to the Main Page. If it doesn’t, you can press Return to Fiverr. Sometimes, this comes up, it’s a little bit annoying but you can always go in My Shopping and it should be here.

This is another one I bought. So, basically this is Backlinks that I purchased for $5. I’ve got 22 backlinks, so here we go. Here it is. It says, Incomplete. It had to do with the payment. For some reason, it happens to me all the time. I’m not sure why. Basically, people will have a description here of, provide the link you wish to promote..Let us know that you understand that you should.. It’s important to you actually read these and make sure that you give them, you know make it easy for them to do the gig for you. They call it “gigs”.

It’s just the same when you’re outsourcing to your Virtual Assistants to the Philippines or somewhere else. It’s like, make it easy for people to succeed. Give people the necessary information that they need to be able to complete the task. So, basically, here it says, put in the website that you want to drive traffic to. Okay, I think I’ve got everything there. Press SEND and this will help us rank in Google, pretty much.
So, Page Rank, is another thing you can do which I showed to you already that we have done. I can show you here, if I go to 3sixtyfactory. You can see that we’ve got 10 sides linking in which has improved our ranking for the website. So, it’s just $5 and if you can get a new client that’s worth 10,000 or 100,000 per year, it’s not very much.

So, let’s choose Rating again. I will manually create 10 backlinks from page. Let’s try him out. He’s got a lot of really positive reviews. Let’s buy this one as well. Okay, so if you set this up.. Okay, so now it works. So, Paypal just took the money from our account and off you go.

So, what I suggest here is trying out various things. Backlinks and trying to trick Google into Ranking can have the opposite effect if you’re not careful. If you buy a gig from somebody who doesn’t know what they’re doing, your website could actually rank very badly.

So, be a bit careful. So, what I suggest is experiment with one website and see if your page rank goes up. So, experiment with one website and do testing there, if it works, duplicate it to all your other websites but Fiverr is such a powerful tool to doing simple tasks that can really boost your SEO and your rankings on the web. Anything from driving views to your Youtube video which will make it rank higher when people will search for something in Youtube to Facebook likes .. etc, etc..

There are so many cool gigs here. Just be creative, try some things out. You can have like a Fiverr day where every week you spend a $100 on Fiverr and just like test lots of gigs and see how it goes. So, that’s pretty much Fiverr. Thank you very much for watching and bye bye.