Admittedly, among the big sources of headaches to companies is the preparation of regular submission of expense reports—a seemingly simple but tedious task!  Fortunately David Barrett solves this problem by coming out with in 2008 with the Expensify, a software created to rid companies and individuals of expense report frustrations.

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Expensify offers to address efficiently all the hassles of expense reporting by focusing on the end user and consistently rolling out new features.

Expensify achieves this by scanning receipts supported by  98% of US banks/credit cards, in addition to an ever increasing number of international banks. Expensify creates a complete online expense management service that does everything from importing your expenses and receipts from credit cards and mobile phones, to processing expense reports online, and reimburse electronically with direct deposit, PayPal or even Bitcoin.  Expensify integrate with nearly every accounting package from QuickBooks to Oracle.  It also integrates with Evernote,, Freshbooks, SalesForce, and Financial Force as well as allowing CSV upload.

Expensify caters  to business travelers and small-medium sized companies that must fill out expense reports.  The software offers peace of mind by freeing clients the tedious task of tracking their expenses for hours.

Expensify is free to individual users but fees are collected from small to large companies ranging from $5 to $15 per month upon assessment, a small expense for the huge convenience it offers clients in preparing their expense reports.

Extensify is currently based in San Franscisco, California.

With the use of Extensify, companies saves time and money at very minimal fees.

The quickest way to learn more about Expensify is to go to: