JourneyI have made it past the wilderness with 2 companies and they are now in the Lifestyle business category. Essential in the wilderness crossing was using the power of team.
Having people work in the roles of Marketing & Sales, Admin & Operations + Production is what worked for me and millions of other entrepreneurs.

If every single entrepreneur that crossed the wilderness had a team, why do you think it will be different for you?

Why do you want to put yourself in a situation where you are pulling and moving everything forward yourself?

Burnout is not fun and it takes a long time to recover.


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Daredevil Billionaire, Arrested for Tax Evasion, Hacked by British Airways and comes out on Top
Richard Branson
He won a $1.1million dollars Libel Suit against British Airways for their Dirty Tricks Campaign to hack, discredit, dismantle, beat and kill Virgin Airlines that had only 1 Airplane. He almost Dies in a Balloon Crash to promote his brand and lost $400million dollars and battled back.

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Become A Key Person Of Influence by Daniel Priestley
The 5 Step Sequence to Becoming One of the Most Highly Valued and Highly Paid People in Your Industry.
The process is;

  1. Pitch
  2. Publish
  3. Product
  4. Profile
  5. Partnerships
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As shown below, the results of all three studies have a strong correlation. The studies agreed that at the 4 year mark, 50% of small businesses were still open and trading. By year six, the success rate had fallen to 40%. Source

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Evernote: The workspace for your life’s work
Evernote is the modern workspace that syncs between all of your devices. Work everywhere and stay productive:• Write notes, checklists, and research.

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