This episode of the Executive Speakers Bureau features Mark Cuban, as they pick a list of extraordinary people with extraordinary stories to interview. They picked out Mark Cuban as he is among those at the top of the list.

As an exceptional entrepreneur who belongs in the billionaire club, he was asked what advice would you give millionaires to become billionaires?

Mark’s answer: Well, it doesn’t work that way- that I have to be something like this to become a billionaire. When we started, it was very small but it went public at the right time. Although luck has a lot to do with it, we knew we had something special. Then we had a meeting and discussed that within five years, this company is going to be worth millions or it will be worth nothing.

He also has this advice for everybody: So we have to work hard, and for someone aspiring to become somebody beyond their wildest dreams, they can have a little bit of luck, but they also have to work so hard to get to where they want to.

You have to be in a business that doesn’t have any limit. If it can’t be something that you can’t visualize that every customer using, then your business will have no future in making it big.

Another question from the interviewer: At what point did you realize that you are exceptional? When he was 12, he went on to sell garbage bags door to door. He recognized that selling is something of value that you have to give to people .

Mark Cuban also started a stamp company and  he just worked a little harder than a lot of people and it was there that he realized that if he could do this, he could do anything.

He also failed a lot, but he never thought that those failures will not make him succeed one day.

Mark Cuban has these final words to say – be determined, work hard, don’t ever be afraid to fail!