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This is the top of the Empire State Building and the sunset today is absolutely beautiful, beautiful! beautiful!. This building used to be the tallest in the world from 1930 to 1970 and it is still the 4th tallest building in the world I believe. It was actually built in the end of the roaring 30’s, 20’s so it was finished at the end of the recession. So many of the offices here were actually not vacate for free for long time. It is also located far away from the Central Transport Stations here which is Penn Station and Grand Central Terminal. And the background there you see the new one World Trade Center and it’s a beautiful sunset so this is actually one of the brand of New York City as well.

Having a good brand is essential for your business and I strongly suggest not to go on fiber and bio cheap brand but actually invest in appropriate brand that you can have for many many years. I used to work in brand consulting myself so it is something you should necessary save money on. Spent time on it, It is very expensive to Re-brand as well. Re-branding a company is very expensive so think about that when you start your business.

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