The one outstanding quality of a well-managed company is how it effectively maximizes its resources so that each investment, be it in financial matters, physical assets, manpower, or time contributes to its advancement and progress. This is vital especially with companies involved in outsourcing labour from other places or countries where direct monitoring of workers’ productivity is minimal or non-existent at all.


With the proliferation of distractions nowadays, chances of time and labour wastage is prevalent for out-sourced employees. Taking into account and following up of workers’ activities has become a very difficult undertaking. Failure to properly and effectively manage work input and time consumption for every assigned task may mean partial or major losses for the company—the worst scenario being the bankruptcy or closing down of the business.

This major obstacle in running an outsource business can be minimized by:

  1. Hiring or out-sourcing reliable and trust-worthy manpower. A very good source for this kind of workers is the Philippines. Filipinos, the natives of this Far Eastern island country, are naturally and relatively more diligent, hard-working, and intelligent employees compared to nationals of other countries. They can be trusted to effectively handle most jobs, either as white-collar or blue-collar workers. Also, Pilipino workers tend to stay longer in the services of their employers for years as long as they treated with respect and dignity. Monetary compensation, although important for them, is only next to a good interpersonal relationship with their employers.
  2. Thanks to the advancement in digital technology, this problem of monitoring and management of productivity of workers, especially those assigned outside the company premises, is being met effectively by companies like the RESCUETIME which powers TRACKLABOR, a web-based time tracking and productivity-assessing tool for workers.


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With the TRACKLABOR, visual reports are generated that provide information from the computers used by the employees and see what actually how and when they are used. With these feedback from the program, diligent workers are automatically singled out from those who are under-tasked and company time-wasters.

TRACKLABOR also promptly recognize unproductive tasks, thus giving management enough to channel these tasks to more profitable activities and avoid losing valuable time and effort among outsourced workers. In short, TRACKLABOR is an excellent business partner for outsourcing companies because it helps them find out immediately who to keep among their workers, and who to replace or let go.

To know get more help on how to out-source effectively, you may visit TRACKLABOR and MROUTSOURCE.COM.