Writing can be fun until you do it for a living. There is a big lot of difference when you sit in front of your computer at your leisure time and start typing out whatever idea you are inspired to share just for fun; as when you do so to earn your living.

Yes, it is quite a different picture altogether when you have to sit in front of your computer and start for searching into every corners of your brain for ideas, which are not exactly your choice, but because you are assigned to write about them. As if it is not agony enough that you are suffering from WBS (writer’s block syndrome) at the moment, there is also that clock reminding you that time is running out for you to come up with something soon or you lose your day’s income.

In time like this, you could not help having panic seizure but… STOP! Before you give up (which is not an option), take a few deep breathes, calm down, regain your composure, and do the following tips to shake off that WBS:

1. Dig into your file of old writings, articles, blogs. Select one or two of your “old favourites” and which attracted a good number of readers before. Try to present them from a different angle and voila! You just created “new” blogs. If you refurbish them well enough, no one will recognize them from before. There is no harm in recycling worth-following contents. They will serve their purpose as well as they did when you first published them. You may also add relevant videos not available when you first wrote them earlier.

2. Read articles, topics, news written by other writers to get fresh ideas (but no plagiarism, please). You may add a few ideas or twists to them, the way you wished they were written (somehow we always have that egoistic feeling that we are better than others). Again add graphics or videos to them.

3. Review the comments your earlier articles, blogs, writings got. They are a good source of fresh ideas if you expound on them. By replying to them now, you may be able to compose completely new blogs.

4. Study your body’s circadian rhythm or internal biological clock. This is that certain time of your day when you feel most energized and productive (referred commonly as “in the right mood”). Take advantage of this natural pep pill and do your writing at this particular time. You may come up with 2 or 3 blogs in a breeze!

5. Prepare a list of possible titles. During those attacks of WBS, it will be easier to think of a title and then develop ideas around it. This is easier than labouring to develop an article and put a title on in later. Have a goal, this time a title, to work on as a guide rather than have your mind wander aimlessly from one idea to another and only to end up with fuzzy ideas without heads or tails.

6. Consult Google search or any online research tool for frequently searched topics or keywords relevant to your subject. From these keywords or topics, you can develop your blogs. Article directories like Ezine.articles.com are also great tools in searching for ideas to blog about.

7. Do not start your day imposing the idea that “you must write something today”. The mere fact that the job becomes an imposition makes us somehow rebellious to the idea. The whole task becomes a heavy burden and makes it very depressing. Who could work under such condition? When this feeling overcomes you, leave your present task and socialize with friends online or through the phone. This exercise clears your mind and they may even say things or ideas that may inspire you to write about.

8. Connect with your fellow writers via email, Skype, or the social media. Exchange ideas about subjects relevant to your topics. By living symbiotically with your peers, you help each other and move on smoothly with your lives.


I am writing this article because I personally suffer from this WBS every now and then. In the spirit of symbiotic existence, I am sharing these tips with you to beat this blogger’s decease. I assure you— they are quite effective!